Friday, November 4, 2011

When in Rome... - Conclusivo

Today it already a week ago that I returned from my trip to Rome. Although the weather in Amsterdam is pretty good for this time of year I'm afraid that Rome has it beaten. I sure miss walking in the sunshine. Not that I did much walking this week, I had to sit inside because of this stupid cold/flu/coughing combination that I mentioned in my previous post.

Good news is that I seem to be getting over it, although I'm still coughing like a 67 year old, chain smoking miner. If you want to find out how this sounds exactly don't miss tomorrow's workshop! 

People have been asking me if they need to reserve tickets, since it's in the smaller room of the Kriterion  theater I think it might be advisable but I'm not really sure if it's actually possible to book single tickets online. (check the klik site for more information) I hope to see all of you tomorrow, I'm anxious to present my storyboard to you. And of course I am very anxious to hear what Daan Jippes has to say about it! 

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