Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Animal Sketching

This morning I went to the Amsterdam zoo, Artis. Earlier this year I became a member of Artis, giving me free admission for a year. Since the zoo is at walking distance, it seemed like a smart investment. 

So now I can drop in whenever I feel like it. The last months I have used the oppertunity a lot. (Artis is awesome at the moment! They had a real babyboom this summer: there's a lion cub, a baby elephant, a baby giraffe and two baby gorillas, just to name a few.) Of course I always bring my drawing kit, but for some reason I wasn't happy with my last sketches. Drawing animals is always a challenge and I often suspect them of conspiring against me. (When I approach them they are in a great pose, sitting perfectly still. But the moment I put pen to paper they begin to move, usually opting for the hey-how-do-ya-like-my-behind-position.) 

But today I can't complain. I was in the zoo for almost four hours, the animals were great and I got to do some nice sketching. I sure hope you like 'em too! (All sketches were done with a Papermate Flair, and/or Tombo Brushpen. Colors added with Photoshop)

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