Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nosferatu Sketches

Since Halloween is almost upon us I thought it'd be nice to share these sketches of Nosferatu I did earlier this week. He's a fun character to draw. I watched the orginal 1922 film earlier this week, it is in the public domain and full versions can be found on youtube and vimeo. 

I did the sketches above before watching the film and as you can see I gave him normal vampire teeth, instead of the silly evil-bunny teeth he has in the film. The sketches below I did while watching the final scene: death by rooster!


Arthur Gorissen said...

Moet ik hem een dezer dagen maar even op YouTube gaan kijken dan...

Die onderste tekening is echt heel nice.

joscha said...

Thanx! Het is wel echt een oudje hoor, traag. Maar wel gaaf.