Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Storyboard Workshop

Have I got something for all you people out there interested in the simple art of storyboarding: During the special edition of the fantastic Klik Animation Festival there will be a workshop on storyboarding, presented by Mister Daan Jippes and myself!

The Klik special edition (special in that it is only lasting one day this year, so I guess it's a limited edition as well) is on Saturday November 5th at Kriterion in Amsterdam. We will give a short presentation on the role of storyboarding over at the American studios, after which I will pitch a short storyboard. After my presentation Daan will review my work, live on stage. He will do this as he draws over my panels, to show how they could have been improved. This will be a confronting but (hopefully) fun experience. 

We hope this workshop will give you valuable insight in the story process, and the diferences between the American and the Dutch approach. Daan's juicy stories about the different studios he worked at are, of course, always a blast!

Ticets are €8,50 (or €30,00 for a daypass), the workshop starts at 11am and will last 90 minutes. I hope to see you all there!

This picture should give you some idea of what the workshop will feel like, it was taken during my intenrship with Daan and shows me pitching a board, as Daan offer suggestions on how to improve it. (Of course the actual workshop will be at least five times more glamorous than this picture!)


Jeroen Koffeman said...

Cool! Don't wanna miss this. Kan/Moet ik reserveren?

joscha said...

Ha Jeroen, cool dat je ook komt! Ik weet niet hoe hard het gaat lopen, maar moet jij niet sowieso een dagkaart kopen?

Jeroen Koffeman said...

Ik heb nog meer die dag, wil eigenlijk alleen naar deze workshop.

joscha said...

oh, ik voel me vereerd! in dat geval zou ik als ik jou was wel gewoon reserveren, het is in de kleine zaal en het zou toch zonde zijn als je voor niks naar Amsterdam komt. Maar ik heb dus echt geen idee hoe hard het gaat lopen. (loopt?)