Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's

After seeing awesome Dr. Sketchy drawings pop up on blogs from all over the world I finally had the chance to experience this fantastic drawing event first handed. Because there is now

I had a great night drawing beautful girls, listening to the amazing singing MC: Shai Sahar, and drinking beer together with my friend, and super artist, Mensah.

My favourite moment of the evening was a small contest: we were challenged to draw a pose using our 'wrong' hand. I'm a rigthy myself, so I had to do it left handed. In the end everybody handed in his or her drawing and a winner was picked by the Dr. Sketchy jury. There were some extremely talented people there so I wasn't expecting to win at all, but I did!

The winning drawing can be found beneath, the model was the lovely Spaanse Ans (Spanish Ans) with 74 years, the oldest burlesque model in Holland.


kevin said...

those are fun, I love going to dr. sketchy

joscha said...

Thnx Kevin! Yeah, dr. sketchy is a load of fun (for more than just the obvious reason) Unfortunately I had to miss out on the last edition, hope to be there again for the next session.