Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sketch Dump

A random collection of some of my more recent sketches, done in different sketchbooks. When I'm drawing the human figure I keep noticing how my thinking about poses and gestures has changed since I did that Schoolism gesture course. To a neutral observer there might not be much spectacular about these poses but I see a lot of improvement, my drawings are becoming a lot more dynamic.

The sketches above are done from a magazine. The gentleman on the left was based on a pic of Henry Hill, the real life gangster of Goodfellas fame. The other guy is some actor who actually isn't Andrew Garfield but for some reason this sketch looks a bit like him. (At least that is what I think.) 

Below are two more gesture sketches as well as two drawings I did in the Dutch town Maastricht, when I visited there back in February. As you can see I'm trying to focus a bit more on buildings and props when I'm sketching. That Virgin Mary sketch is based on a 15th Century wooden sculpture I saw in a Museum there. 

All sketches: Ink (Pentell Sign, Pentell Pocket Brush Pen, Staedtler Pigment Liner) on paper.

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