Monday, April 8, 2013

Siren - Next Five


The Next Five story exercise was created by Emma Coats, former story artist at Pixar. (You might know her from her awesome list of 22 story basics.) In this exercise you take a random photo (usually from flickr) that you draw as your first shot. The challenge is to draw the next five shots, creating a miniature storyboard.

Every now and then Emma will post a picture on her blog that you can use for this exercise and every time I save it with the intention of doing one of those next fives myself. For some reason they never got finshed, until now!

It took me some time to get to it (Emma posted this picture about a month ago) but here it is. Drawn digital with Sketcbook Pro, this was one great training. Even though I have been drawing digital for quite some time now, I still struggle to get to a level of control that is similar to working on paper (I work on a Wacom Intuos, I wish I had the money to buy a Cintiq) Of course there are always things you wish you'd done different when you finish something like this, but I had fun and learned something so there's that...

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