Friday, October 7, 2016

A Death, Opening- Motivarti Project part 2

So this is another sequence I boarded as part of my Motivarti mentorship (see previous post) This is also a sequence based on the short story A Death, written by Stephen King.

This sequence is my take on the opening of the story. When I read this story it felt very much like a Coen brothers film to me. The very American western setting, the characters, and the violence of the story seem to be very much the kind of material the Coens like to work with. So I closely studied a bunch of their films as well as the work of master cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Obviously it is not advisable to set out and make a Coen like film. It's like saying you'd like to paint like Rembrandt or something. And so of course I got pretty stuck along the way. Not the worst thing in the world, it actually led to some very good talks with Ian. (It sure sucks when you're in the middle of it though!)

As you will see towards the ending the boards are not as detailed as at the beginning, I actually like the less detailed boards the most. I used the opening of the story as a voice-over (I found out tht many Coen films start with one) and imagine a Tommy Lee Jones or Sam Elliott kind of voice for the Sheriff.

As always click on the first panel and use the arrow keys to scroll through the boards in lightbox.