Monday, August 27, 2012

Vacation Sketches - Part 1.

Hey there! Long time no posts. So far this year has been a bit of a struggle. But things are looking up, and I have just returned from a nice vacation in Italy where I did quite a bit of sketching. This is just a first batch of sketches, I'll post some more soon. 

It was funny, I brought three sketchbooks and like a 100 pens, pencils and even waterpaint. I ended up using only the sketchbook with the worst paper and four of my most plain pens. I had fun just sketching away, though. The sketchbook -a normal sized, plain paper moleskine, with a soft cover- fitted perfectly in the side pocket of my shorts together with the pens: so it was easy to take 'em everywhere.

We spend a week at Lake Garda and then another week at Lake Como. These drawings are all from the first week at Lake Garda, I actually believe I did all of them on the same day.

All of these were done with a Copic Multiliner and a Papermate Flair, I threw in some tones with photoshop too.  I'll post more when I get around to scanning the rest of the book. Because the paper is rather thin though, I can't make good scans of all of my sketches. Still there should still be quite a few left that are good enough to post.

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