Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Drive Corner

As you might have noticed I thought Drive was a pretty cool film. I especially liked the whole 1980's vibe of the film. I also think that Ryan Gosling's jacket is pretty cool. I had this image of the Driver as a comic book character; the jacket is really not unlike a superhero's costume, it even has a logo on it.

The image of the Driver as some kind of comic book hero inspired me to the illustration above, for the awesome Cornered Blog. Some of you might remember that I did another corner for them back in March. (That one was also based on a film, btw.)  

I really hope you also like my Drive Corner!

Ink on paper, digital colors and lay-out.


Arthur Gorissen said...


nu ik m weer bekijk, denk ik weer GAAF!

ben benieuwd naar de reacties op Cornered Blog.

joscha said...

Thnx Arthur! Ben zelf ook heel benieuwd of t een beetje in de smaak valt.

Anonymous said...

dude, this is SO good. do more drive stuff!

joscha said...

Thank you! I actually did some more Drive-inspired art, check out the two posts prior to this one. And who knows, I might do some more once I get Drive on dvd...