Friday, September 30, 2011


Hi there! No, this is not some mistake or digital error. After almost three years of blogging I have decided to start all over again.

The past months there have been almost no updates here, because I was all tangled up in my graduation project at the HKU. It really hurt my pride because I have always tried to update regularly, but there just wasnt anything to show you.

It wasn’t for nothing, though. I am now a Bachelor of Animation and a Master of Design! When I started this blog it was a student art blog, and I was finding out about blogging as I went along. Now I am no longer a student and I feel that there are some changes I want to make to this blog. I have decided to remove all previous posts and make a clean start. (And of course I will take the right to repost some of my old art every now and then.)

There will probably be more changes here the coming months, but for now I just wanted to start on a clean sheet of paper: and get back to posting! When I started Aapstra I had no experience with blogging but I really love it. I really want to thank all you visitors for sticking with me the past months, I intend to show you lots of drawings, doodles and storyboards! (And if you ever wonder what all that old stuff looked like there is always my Flickr gallery where quite a lot of it can still be found.)