Friday, August 31, 2012

Vacation Sketches - Part 2.

Some more sketches from my recent trip to Italy. Just like the previous post all of these were done on the same day. After a week at Lake Garda we moved to Lake Como for the second week of our vacation. We took a train to Milano, and from there another train to Como. (We had to go first class since second class was sold out. At Como this posh, old American couple asked us if we were busted for not having first class tickets! (I guess they were surprised by our big backpacks; they must have thought only boring old farts travel first class.)

At Como we took a boat to Menaggio, where we stayed. It was a long trip, almost three hours. I didn't mind, I love Lake Como and I really enjoyed slowly cruising the lake. We found a good, quiet spot by the window so I took out my sketchbook. I was sketching the entire trip. Although the boat was real slow, I still had to draw real fast: the view was constantly changing. These are some of the sketches I did. I quite like the sketch of the man in his rowboat, above. It is actually a very small sketch, only 3 by 2 cm.  

I'll post some more of these sketches soon!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Vacation Sketches - Part 1.

Hey there! Long time no posts. So far this year has been a bit of a struggle. But things are looking up, and I have just returned from a nice vacation in Italy where I did quite a bit of sketching. This is just a first batch of sketches, I'll post some more soon. 

It was funny, I brought three sketchbooks and like a 100 pens, pencils and even waterpaint. I ended up using only the sketchbook with the worst paper and four of my most plain pens. I had fun just sketching away, though. The sketchbook -a normal sized, plain paper moleskine, with a soft cover- fitted perfectly in the side pocket of my shorts together with the pens: so it was easy to take 'em everywhere.

We spend a week at Lake Garda and then another week at Lake Como. These drawings are all from the first week at Lake Garda, I actually believe I did all of them on the same day.

All of these were done with a Copic Multiliner and a Papermate Flair, I threw in some tones with photoshop too.  I'll post more when I get around to scanning the rest of the book. Because the paper is rather thin though, I can't make good scans of all of my sketches. Still there should still be quite a few left that are good enough to post.